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Laughter - The Cheapest Medicine!

At 74 years of age, I realised that someone needs to dispense this abundant resource, laughter. Everyone knows that it is a wonderful brew, free of cost, plentiful in supply, but all too often hidden away for reasons beyond my reckoning. There are hundreds of proven stories about the health benefits of a good laugh. As babies we naturally smile and giggle, we then go our separate ways through life and the majority store laughter rather than use it. It really is a great pity.

Perhaps we take ourselves too seriously. Being able to laugh at your own peculiarities is good, a great starting point to launch your own comeback into the happy laughing brigade. Here’s a challenge to those people who are regular laughers, (that is a new word I just created).When you meet someone who is of solemn countenance, greet them cheerfully, and crack a joke with your welcome? Say something like “I hardly recognised you, you look so jazzy”, even if that is not the case. Your friend will refute it, and hopefully laugh along with you with her response. You will find it works every time.

In case you are wondering why I am writing this article, I want to tell you about the seed that grew within me some months ago. I was at a function, men and women and teens. When I went home that day, I remarked to my beloved that I likened the gathering to a funeral procession. Very few happy faces were seen, and it was not a sad sort of gathering, laughter was an obvious absentee. That really got me thinking. The saga continues.

I was watching a TV program, a very interesting segment on the immensity of Lake Argyle, W.A., water in enormous quantities. The aerial photographs were nothing short of mind boggling. Then a parliamentary session was shown, what a disgraceful scene it was, empty seats, quite a few nodding off, others carrying on like pork chops. Later the same day I saw pictures of Melbourne parkland's and suburban gardens and nature strips, all dry and depressing. This was the catalyst to get me really thinking.

Water in huge supply as to quantity and quality, a useless Government debating utes and as far away as Lake Argyle in worrying about the real issues, and the sickening state of the city gardens and parks and street scapes. There’s no way, in our lifetime, is something useful going to be initiated by our elite leaders, so I have put water after laughter in making a diff to our world. You see, laughter can be driven without the interference of any level of government, in fact we could use parliament as a butt for many jokes, if it was not so serious you would simply have to laugh. The real trigger was pulled by my wife, when I related the laughter free funeral-like meeting, she asked “and what are you going to do about it”? Here’s the answer.

My business associate Keenan Hopkins and I have founded a world wide movement which sets out to make a diff to the lifestyle of everyone who wants to come on board. It is simply called Making A Diff. Our first project is to publish a book which will incorporate information on the subject of laughter, chock full of clean jokes that will make you and yours laugh. It will be on sale at participating shops. Wherever possible, we will be using service clubs to distribute the books. This will keep money in the towns that support and promote the publication.

We have a long list of things we reckon can be driven through our simple movement, test driving these do take time, but be assured we are not lying idle. Yes, we have plenty of free product, we’ll bottle it in the form of a low cost book, and stand bye as we open the floodgates to get laughter flowing like the water from Lake Argyle?

P.S., when you are cleaning your teeth tonight, look in the mirror and have a good laugh, doesn’t your face look great? You bet it does.


Laughter is the Worlds Best Medicine